Haro Mountain Bikes

Haro has been a household word in the sport of BMX for more than 35 years. It’s that same great BMX passion and ingenuity that drives our Mountain Bike designs. We aren’t about blending in, we believe in standing out and that’s why we design mountain bikes that “Dare to be Different in a market place saturated with clones.”

Whether it’s our top of the line FLC 29” carbon racer, our newly designed 29” Double Peak, or the all-new 27.5” Calavera series, we build a mountain bike that’s made for where you ride, and for the way you ride.

We didn’t invent off-road riding but we’re perfecting it with nearly 3 decades of off-road experience and both National and World titles to prove it. We could go on about Haro’s rich heritage and performance pedigree but we won’t. Ride one and see for yourself.