Trail Details
Activity Type:Mountain Biking
Nearby City:Fruita
Length:1.7 miles
Trail Type:Point-to-Point

PBR (Pumps, Bumps and Rollers)

Fun and fast DownHill style trail with some sick jumps and tight berms. However, everything is roll-able to make it fun for the non-jumpers. *Moderate aerobic if you start at the first parking lot and take prime cut up

Connect to this trail from the top of Prime Cut and the beginning of Chutes and Ladders.

This trail is a new school-style trail focusing on rhythm, flow, and air. Berms, rollers, jumps and whoops abound, allowing you to flow and fly your way down through the desert! While many of the other trails here at 18 Road are very flowy in their own right, the berms and descents on this trail really set you up to air off of the multitude of kickers and doubles. Get read for some serious fun!

Please note: this trail is for downhill travel ONLY!